Founded in 2006, FXPro is a global company that excels in forex / currency trading and has won numerous international awards

73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and Spread Betting with this provider. 

  • Wide range of trading instruments including Forex, CFDs on shares, indices, metals, and energy
  • Regulated by several top financial authorities, ensuring high levels of trust and security
  • Incredible proprietary platform. By far the best we’ve found for ease-of-use.
  • No dealing desk intervention, providing transparent and fair trading conditions
  • Competitive spreads and low commission rates, enhancing trading profitability
  • Not available to residents of certain countries, including the USA due to regulatory restrictions
  • Some users report customer service can be improved, especially during high-volume periods
  • Education resources are fairly poor


Screenshot of FXPro homepage in Feb 2024

FxPro emerges as a prominent player in the online brokerage industry, known for its extensive range of trading platforms, account types, and financial instruments. This detailed review aims to cover all the crucial aspects of FxPro to provide potential traders with comprehensive insights.

Company Overview

Founded in 2006, FxPro has established a robust presence in the forex and CFD trading space, operating as a No Dealing Desk (NDD) brokerage. With its headquarters located at 13-14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ, UK, FxPro serves traders worldwide, offering multilingual support and a client-focused approach.

Trading Platforms and Tools

Range of FXPro platforms to spread bet on

FxPro provides a multi-faceted trading platform environment catering to various trader preferences:

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  • Available Platforms: MT4 is accessible on a variety of platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Webtrader, and Multiterminal, ensuring traders can operate in their preferred environment seamlessly.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: MT4 is equipped with comprehensive charting capabilities, offering numerous technical indicators and graphical tools. These features allow traders to analyze market trends and patterns with precision, facilitating informed trading decisions.
  • Automated Trading Capabilities (EAs): One of MT4’s standout features is its support for Expert Advisors (EAs), enabling traders to automate their trading strategies. This automation capability allows for 24/5 trading, even when the trader is not actively monitoring the markets.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Despite its advanced features, MT4 maintains a user-friendly interface that caters to both novice and experienced traders. The platform’s design ensures easy navigation and management of trading activities.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

  • Platform Accessibility: MT5 expands its reach across Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Webtrader platforms. This accessibility ensures traders can leverage MT5’s advanced features regardless of their device.
  • Enhanced Trading Experience: MT5 builds upon the foundation set by MT4, introducing additional timeframes, chart types, and graphical objects. These enhancements provide traders with more detailed and customizable analysis options.
  • Advanced Order Management Tools: MT5 offers an improved set of order management tools, including additional order types and the ability to execute more complex trading strategies. This functionality caters to traders looking for granular control over their trades.


  • Sleek Interface: FxPro’s cTrader platform is renowned for its clean and intuitive interface, designed to provide a streamlined trading experience. The platform’s layout is optimized for efficiency, allowing traders to focus on market analysis and execution.
  • Sophisticated Order Execution Capabilities: cTrader excels in its order execution technology, offering fast and reliable trade placements. This is particularly beneficial for traders employing scalping strategies or those sensitive to execution speed.
  • Depth of Market Displays: cTrader provides depth of market (DOM) information, presenting traders with real-time bid and ask prices. This transparency helps traders understand market liquidity and execute trades based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.


  • Flexible and Customizable Trading Environment: FxPro EDGE is tailored for traders seeking a platform that can be customized to their specific trading preferences and strategies. Its flexible environment allows for the personalization of charts, indicators, and the overall trading workspace.
  • Designed for Diverse Trading Strategies: FxPro EDGE supports a wide range of trading strategies, from day trading to long-term investments. Its versatility makes it an attractive option for traders with varying objectives and tactics.

Each platform offered by FxPro caters to different trader needs, from those requiring advanced analytical tools and automated trading capabilities to those seeking a customizable and sleek trading environment. This diversity ensures that FxPro clients can select the platform that best suits their trading style and preferences. We found the FxPro platform to be both responsive and comprehensive on mobile and was actually our preferred option!


There isn’t much to shout about, FxPro offers a calculator, Forex News, Economic calendar and a few articles on their site, all of which are useful and their FXPro News site is actually extremely thorough and well-developed.

From what we could find, there was one article on spread betting, which isn’t great and certainly isn’t as good as SpreadEx but i guess their YouTube channel must be lively then right? Nope, in February 2024, when this was published, they seemed to have one post that was from 2 months ago.

FxPro is catering to a different audience completely, they are after retail traders who have a bit of experience know everything about spread betting and are well-versed in all of the ins-and-outs. I have to commend them on their ability to appeal to this audience though as their platform is exceptionally user friendly compared to others so I guess they dialed down the education in order to amplify their offering in other spaces.

Account Types and Features

FxPro caters to a diverse clientele with several account options, each tailored to meet different trading needs and preferences:

  • FxPro MT4 Account
  • FxPro MT4 Instant Account
  • FxPro MT5 Account
  • FxPro cTrader Account
  • FxPro (EDGE) Account

These accounts come with the following features:

  • Islamic Account: Sharia-compliant trading conditions.
  • Multiple Account Types: Catering to different trading strategies.
  • Multiple Base Currencies Support: Including ZAR, PLN, AUD, CHF, JPY, GBP, EUR, USD.

Key Account Specifications

  • Minimum Deposit: 1.0 USD, making it highly accessible.
  • Maximum Leverage: Up to 1:30, offering significant trading flexibility.
  • Minimum Trade Volume: 0.01 Lots, suitable for traders of all sizes.
  • Margin Call Level: 100%, providing a clear risk threshold.
  • Stop Out Level: 50%, ensuring additional risk management.
  • Commission: 0 USD, enhancing cost efficiency.
  • Spread Type: Variable Spread, adapting to market conditions.
  • Trading Instruments: A wide array including Stocks/Equities, Futures, Indices, Energies, Precious Metals, and Forex/Currencies.

Additional Features

  • EA, Hedging, and Scalping: Supported, offering flexibility in trading strategies.
  • Negative Balance Protection (NBP): Ensures clients cannot lose more than their account balance.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal: No fees are charged, with a low minimum deposit requirement and over 10 payment methods supported.

Regulatory Compliance & Awards

FxPro regulations in 2024

FxPro is known for its strong adherence to regulatory standards and are regulated by the FCA in the UK, CSEC in Cyprus amongst others, providing traders with a secure and transparent trading environment. Their NDD brokerage model ensures that there is no conflict of interest between the broker and its clients.

They have been awarded pretty much every year to be honest due to their excellence in…you guessed it, their proprietary platform. I know we’ve said it a bunch here, but it’s worth trying for sure!

Screenshot 2024 02 17 at 18.12.04

Customer Support and Services

FxPro excels in customer service, offering:

  • Multilingual Support: Catering to a global clientele.
  • Quick Response: Via phone, email, and live chat, ensuring clients’ queries are addressed promptly.
  • Contact Numbers: Headquarters (+44 (0)2077769720), Branch (+44 (0) 203 151 5550), Local calls (00531 122 031).


FxPro stands out as a reputable and client-oriented broker in the forex and CFD trading industry. With a comprehensive (and frankly incredible) proprietary application, diverse account types, competitive trading conditions, and a strong regulatory framework, FxPro caters to traders of all levels.

Its commitment to offering a transparent trading environment, coupled with exceptional customer support, makes FxPro a preferred choice for traders looking for a reliable and versatile online broker.

FxPro Details

Trading Platform
Deposit Methods

£500 Recommended Deposit

Best Platform

Trusted international broker with a strong UK precense, excellent customer service and an exceptional proprietary and mobile trading experience. 

Market Range
Trading Platforms
Customer Service
Fees and Costs
4.0 Overall Rating

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Founded in 2006, FXPro is a global company that excels in forex / currency trading and has won numerous international awards